Posted by: lmcg1 | January 18, 2008

The blank canvas

 blank canvas

Today a new blank canvas sits on the easel, ready to go. I just have to make up my mind what to put on it. I think I know. I tend to just draw right on the canvas and get underway, but I think I might just do some preliminary sketches today. This is a bigger canvas, and a square, so want to get the composition right. I know what the subject matter will be, so will keep you in suspense for a while.

I have tried a new gesso for the priming. I had been using 2-3 white gesso layers, then putting an undercolour with alkyd oil paint. I don’t like the smell of the alkyd although it does dry quickly. So I saw in the Daniel Smith catalogue that they had coloured gessos for priming. I ordered a couple and tried the yellow ochre on top of a layer of the regular white gesso. I really like how it looks. It is very smooth. I really like Daniel Smith products. I use their watercolours almost exclusively. I am using their oils too now. I think I am going to get some of their white gesso to try now. I like the consistency – not blobby so it doesn’t have to be diluted to make it smooth.  I’ll put the link on the side. I know that Opus carries some of their products and I will get what I can from the. Usually I just order directly from Seattle and haven’t had any problems so far.

So, off to have a bit of lunch and then some sketches on a winter’s day, after I give the dog a bath.


  1. Hey, just catching up on my blog reading–I like this theme a lot better, nice work! 🙂

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