Posted by: lmcg1 | January 22, 2008

Light is Law


In today’s Clickback ( responses to Robert Genn’s twice weekly art emails) about remembering his art school, one of the respondents wrote about the first day of class with his professor. The professor walked in, dropped a pile of papers on the desk, looked around, said, “Light is Law” and walked out again. That is one of the great aphorisms for art isn’t it? We are always checking out the light, trying to get the light right, looking at reflected light, shade and shadows, all the result of light’s play.

Today we have a fairly bright, overcast day, with snow. There are hardly any shadows on the snow. I took a photo of my primroses on the window ledge against the flat white. It gives the flowers a different glow from sunshine. The colours seem true as well, not affected by the colour of sun and sky. Interesting.

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