Posted by: lmcg1 | January 29, 2008

This one is done

still life

I finished the still life painting. Here is a photo. It isn’t the best one, because it is so bright outside today that I can’t get a photo without a bit of reflection on the painting surface. I will get a good one when it is overcast, and put onto Redberry Art then. It has several elements that mean something to me. First, the small pot is the one I brought back with me from my first trip to France. I really love the beautiful pots people have for display and plants and they were all quite large. By pure luck, tucked away over a staircase in a small antique shop in Champeix, I found this miniature version of one of them and brought it home. It now holds my watercolour brushes. It is a very favourite memento. The first time we were in France, we bought a bunch of sunflowers at the market in Issoire, and put them into Babette’s blue vase. I did my first egg tempera painting of them, called ‘Issoire Sunflowers‘. Some time after I got home, I found a similar vase that I bought because it reminded me of the original. The book is an old one that I have that is an early edition of a Dorothy L Sayers novel. I collect her books. I love the soft old texture of it. Last summer I grew lots of different sunflowers, and these ones just seemed to be right. It is still not titled, but will have something to do with memories.

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