Posted by: lmcg1 | February 3, 2008

The canvas fills in


Here is where the previous blank canvas is heading. It is an amazing process to me that out of a flat blank piece of paper or canvas, a picture emerges. Sometimes it will just catch me, and I am surprised at the process itself. You work away at the different coloured shapes, adding lights and darks, and suddenly there is a recognizable something. Such fun.

You can see why it is hard to take photos right now in the house. We are surrounded by snow, so the reflected light even on an overcast day like today is overwhelming. Great to paint by though. It is still cold. My little studio space is on the northwest corner of the house, and has windows to the north and west. There is nothing between that corner and the arctic, so it is the coldest spot in the house in winter. You can see my little oil filled heater on – the red light is glowing. I often have it almost right under my chair so that the warmth wafts up to me.

Time to grab another tea, the other thing that keeps me going on these winter days.

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