Posted by: lmcg1 | April 4, 2008

Raise a Ruckus for CBC Radio 2

For all those who are disgusted with the new CBC radio 2 proposals, ie get rid of Tom Allen, Eric Freisen, and Jurgen Goethe, and substitute ‘lite’ classics and pop (think New Coke), please join people in your respective cities, at your local CBC station, at whatever is your time that matches 9 am Pacific Daylight time. Bring everyone, bring music, bring instruments, bring banners, and protest! Save intelligent, relevant radio.

The Facebook site, Save Classical Music on CBC now has over 12,000 members, in just 3 weeks. There will also be protests against the dismantling of the CBC Radio Orchestra. Does the current gov’t have a hidden agenda? Hmmm.

A letter in our local paper today from the Exec Director says that it is moving programming to on-line and satellite. Well, nice to try and listen on a computer. I am going to move it around? No, as I don’t have wireless, and the quality of sound isn’t that great. And who is going to pay for satellite – total ripoff.

So let’s get out and protest! See you there. I’ll be at CBC Saskatoon at 10 am, 144 2nd Ave S.


  1. Lorraine’s technical adviser says (and as a disclaimer, she thinks the Radio 2 changes and dismantling of the Orchestra are definitely only increasing Worldsuck levels):

    – it’s a Facebook GROUP, not “site” (and if you really want to help the cause, you should make that a link to the group!)

    – online streaming radio is just as easy to listen to away from the computer, you just need to attach speakers to your computer (instead of radio/stereo), or alternately get some headphones with wireless/bluetooth, then you can walk around listening without being attached to anything.

    – wireless internet doesn’t have any positive effect on the *quality* of the sound. if anything it would further degrade it. what affects the quality is both the speed of your internet connection, and of course assuming this is streaming live radio, the speed/bandwidth on the host’s side.

    – podcasts on the other hand don’t suffer the issues of speed and bandwidth (except when you’re waiting for them to download), but the sound quality as compared to regular radio is pretty similar. of course, the compromise is that it’s not live.

    – oh, and satellite DOES suck.

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