Posted by: lmcg1 | May 20, 2008

Exit Music

Front coverFlyers for launchAutographed title page

Today I received my very special copy of Ian Rankin‘s ‘Exit Music’, the final book in the Rebus stories, with Rebus as an inspector. This one have a special cover, banded, with two flyers announcing the launch of the book, and la piece de resistance, the autographed title page. It not only has Rankin’s direct signature, but the line ‘Is this the end of Rebus?’, plus his hangman doodle. Apparently he has signed many fewer copies of this book than in the past. The few copies that I have seen on ABE Books (the best book search site) have signed bookplates put in. So this is quite the capper to my collection so far.

This has been my all time favourite series. I am a voracious reader of British/Scottish/Irish mystery writers, from many decades. I am really sorry to that Rebus had to retire – we are the same age; police in Scotland have to retire at 60. So it will be interesting to see if he turns up in some post-career stories. Also, what else Ian Rankin gets up to.

Lay on Rebus!

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