Posted by: lmcg1 | May 25, 2008

The OSAC adjudication

This weekend I took part in my first OSAC adjudication. OSAC is the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils. Every two years, it puts on a series of adjudications around the province. I had seen it listed in the arts programming that the University puts on, called USCAD. This winter, I took the Painting II class with Iris Hauser. It was a studio type class and I worked on oil painting again. I finished four paintings of succulents, plus finished the painting I had started in Alan Wylie’s workshop, and another of an old farmhouse. You can see these in the Gallery on Redberry Art if you are interested.

Anyway, Iris encouraged those of us in the class to submit our work for the adjudication, so I decided I would. I didn’t have a lot of pieces, and they encourage you to put in a group of related paintings. I decided to use  ‘backlighting’ as the unifying theme, and put in three watercolours and two oils.

The adjudication has two local artists review the pieces that are submitted. This year, there were 16 artists, so we had about 80 pieces of art, paintings and sculpture, in the show. On Friday night, we all met at the Snelgrove Gallery at the University and the adjudicators gave an overview review of each artist’s work. That was very interesting, so see they pick out strengths, areas to focus on etc. They then gave out a first, second, and third (not a prize really, but just a recognition). They also gave out three honourable mentions, and I (much to my surprise) got one, based on the watercolours of the glass. They had very positive things to say about them, which made me feel really quite fine.

On Saturday morning, each one of us met with one of the adjudicators for 20 minutes for a one-to-one critique, which I found very useful.

It helped me decide what will be the focus for the fall show I am going to have at the Circle Park galleries – I am going to work on some more watercolours and possibly oils of glass. I have had some ideas, and now will set out to do them over the summer.I haven’t tried painting glass using oils, so it will be an interesting experiment that I am looking forward to.

Tomorrow I am taking the two doorway paintings in oil to the Mendel for the members’ show and sale. It has been very busy art-wise for the past couple of months. Once the garden is in, then it will be time to get back to concentrated painting again.

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