Posted by: lmcg1 | November 20, 2008

Starting a new painting


This is a painting I have wanted to do every since I saw the photo. It is from my first trip to Montaigut-le-Blanc in July of 2004. It still lives as a magical place for me. I was out walking early one morning, and was coming down the hill toward the medieval gate when I saw Babette, the co-owner of the art school coming up to her house with the mornings bread. I will have to find out the proper name for that particular one. The sun caught her hair and the sparkler-like plants that grow along the edges. A lucky shot.

I haven’t done very many figures in paintings, and it has taken me this long to get up the courage to include one.

I am using the techniques taught by Alan Wylie (see Feb 26 entry) for this piece. After the drawing, a grisaille painting is done in acrylic, then impasto gel is applied for texture. Next I will rub in colour, and then finally paint with oils. It is the same techique I used for my painting of the onion (see Oct 18 entry). I really like the quality of light I get with this technique.

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