Posted by: lmcg1 | January 1, 2009

2009 begins

Toque for cranberries

Toque for cranberries

The first day of 2009 is sunny and clear, hopefully a harbinger for the year. We had a bit of a blizzard yesterday,which left snow hats on everything.

A time to look forward, to what the possibilities of the new year will be. I usually think of September as the beginning of the year, but there is certainly something particulary special about beginning a new calendar. A friend sent along one of those powerpoints with photos and phrases. There were a couple of good ones:

Burn the candles, use the nice sheets. Don’t save it for a special occasion. Today is special.

Smile and laugh more. It will keep the energy vampires away.

No one is in charge of your happiness except you.

One always wonder how the year will unfold. It is always a journey and you just has to travel your own road. My horoscope in the paper today said:

The world is changing at an alarming rate, and if you cling to outdated ideas you will soon be left behind. Potent lunar activity in your birth sign denotes a major turning point, a point where things and people you took for granted can no longer be relied upon. Autonomy will give you strength, and even if you are one of those Cancerians who believe that this is but one of many lives, you should act as if it is the only life you are going to get. There must be a sense of urgency about what you do: Tenacity is the key to success.

So maybe that should be my word for this year – tenacity. And apply it to my art. I feel like I have drifted a bit over the last while, feeling unfocused and a bit aimless. The past couple of days though, I have been thinking more directly about what I want to do with my painting. I know that I really do want to progress with it, and I am convinced that I can do that. I allow myself to get dragged down by the attitudes of others though, and that is something I must work on. Maybe that will be the turning point – the autonomy that I need to develop.

I took a chance the other day and submitted a painting for consideration at a new design shop in town, called Willow Studio. It was one of those last minute things. One of our painting group had found out that the studio puts up works of local artists for 6 – 8 weeks. There was a call for paintings on the subject of trees. I have the painting Cedar Spirits that I did this summer, so thought, why not? Well, it was accepted, so I will take it down tomorrow. The show begins next week. So that was a good move. It also seems that the painting I have at the Faculty Club will sell too. Auspicious beginnings!

I would really like to do some travelling this year, so will be on the lookout for some possibilities. I want to make a lot of memories and have lots of resources stored away. It amazes me that even though it is almost 5 years since I first went to France, it still has a big influence on me and the memories are a big part of my imagination. More could only be good!

Well, the year is underway. Time to put up the new calendars, and see where the path leads.

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