Posted by: lmcg1 | March 26, 2009

Gardenscape is underway

nine little paintings

Here are the nine little paintings, pretty well done I think. I like to put paintings where I can look at them for awhile and see if there are any little touch-ups to do.  Now they just have to dry for a month and then varnish. They will be at the April show.

I was able to get to Gardenscape this morning to help with the gardens. The art show has been moved into one of the smaller halls. It is right next to a new display, a butterfly tent. A fellow has thousands of butterflies hatching and then they are released into this big net tent. They are all shapes, sizes and colours – amazing. I do feel a bit sorry though that they are stuck inside, and I wonder what will happen to then once the show is over. Too cold here for them for sure. I am going to take my camera one day and hopefully will get some photos – they are so colourful!

As I was walking through the display areas, I came across a couple of fellows starting to set up their booth. They seemed to be new to the show, so I stopped to chat for a few minutes. Well, it turns out to be one of those small world moments of course. They produce art glass, and are from the Gulf Islands. Which island? Mayne Island. Oh, my aunt lived there for many years. And one of the fellows turned out to have been her neighbour and knew her very well. Crazy! So I will stop by tomorrow when I am doing my volunteer stuff. Will have to get his card so I can tell my aunt that I met him.

So the rest of this weekend will be Gardenscape time. It was so nice to smell and see spring flowers all morning. I’ll get some photos to put up sometime over the weekend. Some of the displays are quite beautiful.

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