Posted by: lmcg1 | July 3, 2009

Back from BC

English Bay

I ended up being out in Vancouver for just about 2 weeks. We managed to get a lot of the medical things done, new doctor confirmed, and a test done that would otherwise have to have waited until October. Now to wait for results.

It was good to spend that time with AK, mostly just ‘hanging out’ with her, taking her to various appointments and grocery shopping. We haven’t had ‘just us’ time in many years, so it was good to just be able to spend time together, even though not under the best of circumstances. In some ways though, it was better, because no rushing around to do. In the mornings, I would head out and walk around the west end. A few days she had to do some work from home, so I went to Granville Island, to the north shore, and downtown. Mostly low key though.

I did get to have a little visit with my brother and family, but didn’t get to see my uncle and aunt as he is undergoing chemo for the cancer which has recurred. Hopefully next time, hopefully in the fall.

It took a while, but I did wind down a bit. I find that the atmosphere there is so conducive to going slower. It is still my landscape more than where I live now and always will be. I don’t know if we will ever move back to the coast, but I would like to at some point. Maybe we can start by going out for a block of time during the late winter/early spring. I just like to be near the ocean.

I did get to visit Kiff Holland and Dene Croft’s new studio in North Van. I knew it was near Opus, so one morning I took the seabus across and thought I’d just look for it. Well, walking down the hill, who should be crossing the street but Kiff. So I got a tour of the studio. A great space. They do classes and mentoring, so maybe sometime? They really do need a simple website though.

When I got home, there was lots of work in the garden. Two weeks of elm seeds! Am about 2/3 done, but today is showery, so staying inside. I hope to get back to painting soon. Lots of ideas, and a one day show and sale coming up in August. I am going to have just small paintings, plus cards and reproductions as each person will just have one table space. Should be interesting. Well, better get some stuff done, see if I need any supplies etc.  More on the show later.

Showcase of Saskatchewan Artists – Art Show and Sale, plus performances

Willows Golf and Country Club
382 Cartwright Street
Saskatoon, SK

Sat. August 21, 2009, 5 – 10:30 pm

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