Posted by: lmcg1 | July 25, 2009

Summer daze


Summer has finally arrived and we have had a streak of warm clear weather this week. Today it got up to 31C but is very dry, and a nice breeze so very tolerable. Besides, after 8 months of cold weather, I’m not about to complain at a little heat.

‘Daze’ seems to capture it too – not a lot of speed these days, but that is okay. I am taking a break from volunteering, scaling back on the intense level exercise classes, and just noodling around in the garden a lot. I am doing a yoga class instead of step, and walking outside with our group instead of aerobics. It is great. Except that I managed to trip and scrape a hand and a knee – not watching properly. I figure that it was clumsy day that day anyway – dropped my dish of yoghurt on the floor, spilled orange juice down my front while at the seminar on vines and groundcovers, and knocked over various things during the day.

Today was better.

I have a new small painting of a succulent sketched in, so ready to get working on it. Last weekend, we went out to Solar Gardens for their final open weekend. I got a few new succulents to add to my collection. I got them all reorganized and repotted, including the ones I had from overwintering. So the group has grown! I hope to use them for painting subjects during the winter. They will grow more yet, so it will be interesting to see how their colours and textures develop in the next few weeks.


I finished a third little painting, this time of a peach. I have to get some good photos of the 3 little fruit paintings. I’ll have to get out early in the morning, or wait for an overcast day. It is just too bright right now to get good photos. No rush though, so I won’t wish for cloudy weather yet.  I did do this fun photo, putting them in my old crabapple tree.


This past week was my birthday, not one ending in 5 or 0. We did go out for a very nice dinner for a change. Usually celebrations are very low key, just barely acknowledged, which is fine. It is somewhat a reflective time though. I have now outlived my mother. She died of breast cancer before her 62nd birthday. So I am very aware of how young she and my dad were when they died. My dad died just after his 63rd birthday. I certainly don’t feel old (creaky some days maybe), and in my mind I am still as curious and ready to go and try and learn as ever. I hope that it continues for a long time.

So I will just continue to enjoy these summer days, paint a little, garden a little, take some photos, write a little, read a little, a little of this and that – the way it should be.

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