Posted by: lmcg1 | October 13, 2009

Getting back on track, again


Well, after our lovely September, October hit like a ton of bricks – straight down to 0 and bits of snow to boot. The snow landed on warm structures and turned to ice, like it did on our sun room. The leaves are still mostly on the trees, many not even turned colour yet, and they now appear freeze-dried in place after 2 weeks of cold. I am wondering if they will even fall – most likely they will just break off now over winter. Very bizarre year. Through the ice, you can see the red cranberries of the tree and its green leaves.

Also, pretty well through the whole summer, we have been dealing with accusations from the man who is the developer for the property next door. He has continually accused us of having our fence on ‘his’ property (he is not the owner). In April he threatened to have our fence torn down. We couldn’t believe his accusations, so this lead us to get a new survey, take our fence down to rebuild (it had been totally destabilized by the construction work), and get legal advice. We were having the fence rebuilt last week and he confronted our fence contractor and threatened to take a chain saw to the fence. So that halted work! I spoke with him to no avail. However, after speaking to two surveyors, documenting everything, with photos, the lawyer says he is totally wrong and just go ahead, which we will do. But this has caused endless aggravation, a lot of expense, and a huge amount of time wasted. Now, finally, I feel that we are in a strong position and will now just ignore the ‘jerk’ (in the words of the lawyer!) .

Then, to top it off, our furnace quit on Sunday. It had been making noises and we actually were scheduled to have it replaced this week, but it beat us to it. Fortunately is has been steady around 0 with little wind. It turns out that our gas fireplace more than keeps the place warm, and with our few baseboard heaters upstairs and a space heater in the kitchen, we are doing fine. Just one more thing to contend with though.

Needless to say, it has been a little stressful this week, and no painting done at all. So I am now going to make the effort to get this all behind me, and put on some good painting music (Sting, Piazzolla). I will get going again.


  1. You’ve had quite the week. I do enjoy catching up with your blog periodically. Please let me know when your shows are. Have fun in Vancouver.

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