Posted by: lmcg1 | October 24, 2009

Who knows where the time goes?

Nearly the end of October. Why do I so often think in song titles or bits of lyrics? When this bit came to me, I googled and found the Youtube video of the song of this name, by Fairport Convention, from the 60s. I hadn’t heard it in decades, and it is still gorgeous.

Well, most of the getting-ready-for-winter stuff is done now. The fence is back up, the furnace fixed. Car tune-up and snow tires in a week. A little bit of yard things to do tomorrow, then settle in for the duration. I must admit that I am not really looking forward to winter, particularly as it was so long last year, so little summer, and now it is beginning so early again. Must be gettin’ old!

Still then there is the opportunity to just settle in and paint lots. We did get a space for a group show in Edmonton next summer, June through August which is a great time. We will be deciding on our theme and what size of canvases we will be doing so we can have a somewhat harmonized show. We are all planning to do large canvases as the space is very large – the entrance to the Muttart Conservatory. An exciting prospect for sure. And there is the annual April show with the other group to start working towards. So being primarily indoors will be good for that.

I am also looking forward to going to Vancouver next month. First of all to visit AK and hopefully see other family folk. Then there is the 2 day workshop on texture in watercolour with Alan Wylie who is an excellent instructor. I learned a great deal from his other workshop I attended about a year and a half ago on texture in oils. I want to do some more work with that technique over the winter. Also just to be out in BC, by the ocean.

November is going to be a busy month with the trip/workshop, the group show here at our house right after, and then another two day workshop here in town that I was just invited to. The Artists’ Workshop group here in town, one of Saskatoon’s oldest running groups, has invited me to participate in a workshop they hold on floral painting. Apparently they set up  number of floral still life arrangements and spend a couple of days painting those that appeal. It should be very interesting, and it is very nice to have been invited to participate.

Busy is good. Just wish I had a cook and a housekeeper. Well, one just does. So cup of tea time, watch ‘New Tricks’ on PBS, and hopefully a decent sleep.

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