Posted by: L | January 15, 2010

What a difference a day makes, redux

The day before, I was going to write this as “four in the morning, redux”. This past week I have had the spectre of a ‘suspicious’ mammogram looming in the background. I had my usual annual screening mammogram done on Dec. 30. There is a family history of breast cancer to I get an annual screen. Both my mother and hers died from breast cancer at the age I am now. So it is always something in the back of my mind.

So a week ago, I got a call from the doc’s office that there was a need for followup. I got into the doc’s on Monday and he got a diagnostic test set up for today. So off I went this morning, got the mammogram and an ultrasound, and all is clear! Yahoo! I do have a ‘distended duct’ which is apparently something some people get and it is nothing to be concerned about. Good to know.

I tried very hard not to be anxious about the test today, and managed reasonably well, but was actually somewhat distracted all week, and the day before, had a ‘4 in the morning’ wake up, with all those crazy thoughts that run through your mind. Trying to remain relaxed and positive was a bit hard, given what my mum went through. But these days we have so much better tests, screening and treatment.

Also, it was good to see how quickly the medical system responded to this. My own doc was actually away on holidays, so one of the other physicians in the clinic had noticed the report and had the clinic call me. I was able to see one of the other physicians, who got the ball rolling for me right away. So socialized medicine can work well too. In fact, we now have a dedicated breast health centre at one of the hospitals. And there is a womens’ medical imaging centre too, where I have gone before for other tests and they are very good. So I have no complaints at all.

Now I can get back to doing the everyday things that are really so important. And looking forward to a good spring. We have been luck to have mild weather this January, which will make winter seem that much shorter. December was really cold so this is a lovely break. The days are getting longer, particularly in the afternoon. Lovely skies too. Take time to notice them!


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