Posted by: lmcg1 | February 10, 2010

Putting up paintings on flickr

I have decided that I am going to put up photos of paintings as I work on them on my flickr page. I have one set called ‘Works in Progress‘ that will have photos taken as I work along on a piece. There is a second set called ‘My Paintings‘ that will have photos of my paintings in various locations. The finished works are always put up on the ‘Gallery of New Works‘ page of Redberry Art.

Also, on my Redberry Art Blog, I am writing art blogs that I have found useful and interesting. So if something like that interests you, check it out. You can subscribe to the blog by clicking on the RSS subscribe button on the home page.

I have suddenly realized that time is flying by and there is a lot up activity upcoming – Gardenscape, our Prairie River Art Show in April, our Escape Artists show in Edmonton in June, and a solo show in October at the Circle Centre galleries (check the dates and information on the ‘Upcoming Events’ listing on the right side of the Redberry Art home page.

With winter still well ensconced here, painting is about all that can be done anyway. I need some more canvases so will pick some up tomorrow. I’d like to do some bigger ones again, so will go and see what I can find. Lots to do.

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