Posted by: lmcg1 | March 23, 2010

Snowflakes, ravens and fire marshalls

I’ve been doing some little jobs today, getting ready for this weeks activities of Gardenscape and its art show. You can see more in my Redberry Art blog, where I am writing more art related items.

It is a classic March day, some lazy fat snow flakes falling down, lots of little birds about, and this morning, an unkindness of ravens up on the roof. As much as they are impressive birds, I sincerely hope that they don’t nest anywhere nearby. They do nest in the park about four blocks away, and they, along with the magpies and crows that also nest there in the spring create cacophony for the people who live around the park. All summer at sundown, great flocks of birds head back to the park as it is all evergreen trees. I like having all the little birds about. A sparrow species has been nesting in the manitoba maple out front and I saw one of the babies this morning. All fluffy – very cute. Also there was a nuthatch beeping its way up and down the trunks. The big birds scare the little ones away, so I’d prefer the big ones stay up in the park.

Also, with the ongoing saga of the property next door. The townhouses are now for sale (highly overpriced in my opinion). However there is still an ongoing problem of the downspouts which aim directly into our yard and into the neighbour on the other side. This is not permitted. I had called last fall and then written in January to the Fire Marshall’s office as they are the ones that deal with this. I hadn’t heard anything so decided to phone again and they got back to me yesterday. Apparently they have sent three notifications to the property owner, a developer Alberta, who has ignored them. Nice. So now they are going to put a legal rider on the property so that when anyone goes to buy it, they know that it must be fixed before the sale can go through. Yes! Apparently this is getting to be a common problem with infill building in older neighbourhoods. The developers/builders are pushing boundaries. So this is something I am going to take up with my city council rep. After the shows this week. As the fire inspector said, we have strong by-laws, but there is a bit of a gap with this infill building that is becoming more common. Well, another cause to go after.

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