Posted by: lmcg1 | June 30, 2010

How can it be summer already?

As Charlie Brown would say – good grief! Here it is almost July. JULY!

We have had the wettest spring on record, and it shows not real sign of letting up. A thunderstorm is looming right now which will likely bring another deluge. We haven’t watered the gardens in over a month. In fact, I will have to go and dig around the sprinkler heads because the grass is growing over them. I will have to replant some of my beans because most of them rotted before they could germinate. Only about 5 came up. The veggies are finally growing as we are getting some warmer weather now. The cold and wet was great for the hostas though. They are gigantic out front. I’ll have to get a photo and put on flickr.

A number of things have been going on in the past month and I can’t believe that it has been that long since I last posted. A number of them are art related. The Escape Artists group has a couple of shows right now, one of them that came up as a nice opportunity, and one that we had on the calendar for quite some time.

Our long planned one is now on at the Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton. If you go to our web site, you can see photos of the show. This is a photo taken inside one of the glass pyramids – the tropical one from the palm trees. Two of us drove up to Edmonton and hung the show. It has been many years since I had been there. We were there very briefly so really didn’t do anything other than put up the show and head home. I’d like to see the new art gallery there, so maybe later when we take down the show.

Our second show is at the local Hilton Garden Inn (you can also see photos from that one on the web site). This was our unexpected opportunity. It seems that the hotel has decided to use its lounge to highlight local artists. It has asked one of our Escape Artists member, Jeannette, to oversee this, so we are the first to have a show there. It will obviously take time to become known as a place for local artists, but we are glad to be part of this new initiative. It will be a place to do another group show or maybe even solo shows at some point in the future. It is also great to see a local big business support local artists.

Also had a family friend’s wedding on the weekend and Ariane flew in for that, so got home from Edmonton to have her here. Nice to have even for a short visit. Also the same evening of the wedding, which took place in the afternoon, and was deluged just before the dinner, we had tickets to see Chick Corea at the Jazz Festival. The wedding ceremony was outdoors and thankfully was lovely and sunny. The thunderstorm came later and  had everyone holding down the tent poles. All survived, just wet around the edges.

The concert was superb, in our small Broadway Theatre venue which was ideal. Just Chick Corea playing alone, no band, him chatting away between pieces. He would pull out a piece from a pile of music and improvise away. Even did a piece based on Scriabin. He said – this is my practice room – and it was just like that. At 69 he just flies around the piano. Hearing his music is one thing but seeing the intricacies of his actual playing was something else. So glad we were able to see this concert.

Then I got the news that Redberry Art has had its Drupal upgrade. Drupal is an open source content management platform (I got that from their website). This is what anybody who is anybody uses for web development. Just ask Ariane, who works with Affinity Bridge in Vancouver. I like the way their header moves when you move the mouse over it. Very cool! It is the alternative to Microsoft (ptui). People from all over the world work on it – all volunteer. And free. Check it out if you are interested.

Anyway, one of the new features is that the titles of the paintings now appear under the thumbnails of the paintings. I really like it. Also in the next little while I will be able to have a comments feature. I had one originally but it was continually attacked by spam so I disabled it. Now I will be able to have one that doesn’t allow spam. Note also that you can subscribe to the blog by clicking on the RSS link on the home page.

And finally, amongst all this, I got to attend the Jaspar Academy of Dance’s annual demonstration – the 25th! Ariane danced in the first one, so it was great to see it. My friend Jun and her daughters all danced. It reminded me of when I took dance classes there back in the mid 70s but we didn’t do demonstrations then. The dancers were wonderful – I just love these things, from the tiniest fairies to the grown up dancers en pointe and everyone in between.

When Ariane was home we had a bunch of the old photo albums out. I see I have lots to scan yet – I might have to devote a day a week and get some of these up. Always something to do! And I’d better go do some of it.

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