Posted by: lmcg1 | September 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

The first of September always seems much more like the beginning of a new year. This is probably because my entire life has been associated with the academic calendar, in one way or another.

The light changes in September, as does the colour of the sky, and the feel of the air.

So many things begin again in September, various classes, lessons etc. Piano begins again next week. I went to the piano store and got a couple of new books of music. One books had the piece ‘Try to Remember’ which was the theme song from the Fantastics. So off to search for it on YouTube, and found it by the late, great Jerry Orbach, a multi-talented man. It is the perfect song for this time of year, a little wistful, looking ahead to the changing seasons. Here is the link.

The fall weather is already upon us here, leaves changing colour, birds gathering, geese on the river. This is actually my favourite time of year, mostly because of the colours and the light. It also means a bunch of work in the garden too though, but that’s okay. Just enjoy the warm days as they come along.

I was thinking about new years and resolutions. I wonder if making them at this time of the year might find a better success rate than in January. There always seems to be much more energy in September than in the dark days of January. I might have to try a couple and see what happens.

One of the good things is that for our Wednesday yoga class we now have a real yoga instructor, who was actually the first person to teach yoga here. She is super! I have just been doing fitness type yoga, so there will be lots to learn. She goes through everything carefully and helps out to make sure you are doing things right. This is going to be a popular class for sure. I really enjoy it and and improving flexibility, a good thing at this point in my life.

Well, it is still blissfully quiet here right now, so I think I will go and play a little piano. I also got the sheet music for Charlie Brown’s Christmas. It might seem like rushing the season a bit but we are going to have a Christmas music recital instead of the usual November one, and I think I’d like to do either ‘Christmas Time is Here’ or the Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire one.

And then there is ‘Libertango’ by Piazzolla – my favourite! which I hope to do for the year end recital.


  1. What a good idea to look on Sept 1 as New Year’s Day. I, too get the new beginnings feeling, the start of projects, new pencils etc. I’m starting Tai Chi. Best wishes.

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