Posted by: lmcg1 | September 13, 2010

September – and songs

There must be something about September that inspires people. One of the blogs that I follow is by British actor Edward Petherbridge. His blog is called Petherbridge’s Weekly Post and he writes mostly about the theatre as he is still a practicing actor. I first came across him when he played Lord Peter Wimsey in the BBC series some years back. I recently saw him in a small part in a very good movie called The Statement.

Anyway, his most recent post was called September Song, where he has put together a youtube video of him speaking his poem about September and the passing of years, plus some of his photographs. I really could identify with it. It also reminded me of that lovely old song, also called September Song, a wistful sort of piece. It was one that I remember my Dad singing. It is one of my favourite old standards. I’ll have to see if I have the sheet music in my new book. The other song about September is the one I mentioned last time, from The Fantastics. Mr Petherbridge has performed in The Fantastics as well, so that seems to bring it full circle.

Autumn is definitely here. I am bringing in the tender plants as there is frost expected later this week. Leaves are turning, geese flying overhead. I have been doing some small still life paintings. I tried a big one, but it just wasn’t working so went back to the still lifes, which I really do love.

Here is the current one in progess. I like the way the bread is turning out. Still more to do in various places. Tomorrow is ‘painting day’ so I’ll get to work away on it some more. And enjoy September.

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