Posted by: lmcg1 | October 11, 2010

An extended autumn

My new Norway maple is getting a chance to show off its fall colours this year. I planted it last year, so it was tiny, and the leaves were freeze dried from an early frost last fall. So I wasn’t sure what the leaves were supposed to be like. This year, we have finally had a stretch of warm weather, a transposed summer almost. This has been great, having the time to get the garden ready for winter at a more leisurely pace. Also, because of the extremely wet summer, slugs appeared in the garden for the first time in the 36 years since we’ve been here. So there was much digging and finding of the creepy creatures and their eggs, usually under rocks. I appreciated having decent weather to be able to get all that done.

I’ve also been able to get back to some painting as well, which has been thoroughly enjoyable. I finished a couple of small oils, and now have done four small watercolours. Now I am feeling ready to tackle some bigger projects. There are still a few windows to get done, but that should happen later this week, then we will essentially be ready for whatever the next season brings (oh yes, snow tires to put on yet, but that isn’t a rush job).

The rest of the fall will be pretty busy, looking at the calendar. Art shows going up and coming down over the next week, and a date finalized for our Escape Artists’ show. That means some work that needs doing for promotion of the show, which I hope to do this week. We are going for a more low key event this year. In the past, we’ve had ‘openings’ and they started to get more ‘party’ than ‘show’ so this year we are just going to have the show over two afternoons and see how that goes. That will be easier to manage on a number of levels, particularly as we will have it at our place again this year. Details of all the upcoming shows are on my Redberry Art site.

I hope this weather continues – it makes winter seem that much shorter, particularly as it seems that the seasons are shifting to a much later start to spring and summer. Nothing we can do to make it happen, but just check out the window every morning.




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