Posted by: lmcg1 | October 22, 2010

Octoberish things

We have had a beautiful October, the nicest weather this year. I picked some things from the garden and did some small watercolours of them. It was fun to wet the brush and paint again. I also did a couple of small oils. These will all be ready for our December Escape Artists’ show.

The garden is finally ‘put to bed’ for this season. It has been lovely to have a string of sunny days to work away at a more leisurely pace. I had to clear up everything, leaving little in the way of debris on the ground. After the wettest summer since I’ve lived here, slugs invaded the yard. Never had them before. So it meant a lot of clearing up, moving all the stones to get at the little creatures under there, sprinkling slug bait etc etc. But it means there won’t be much to do in the spring, so there is an upside to all the extra work. Maybe I’ll be able to take in a spring workshop for a change. In spring, we go mad here for a few weeks, getting the garden going again. Our season is so short that we can’t really dawdle.

At the moment, I have paintings in my own show at Circle Park, and tonight is the opening of the Mendel Members’ show, where I have a couple too.

My trusty old workhorse of a printer finally put out its last piece of paper. I have had it almost 8 years and have printed a lot on it. So I did the research and decided to try a new brand of printer, a Canon. I have had great Canon cameras, and the reviews of the printers were very good, so decided to take the plunge. I got it set up this afternoon and I think that once I’ve figured out all the bells and whistles, I will enjoy it. It is so much faster! And it seems that it does lots of interesting photo printing, every borderless. It also does double sided, plus scans (my old one had quit doing that a while ago). It will be fun to explore all the possibilities.

I am glad I have a big old desk – it is 3 ft by 5 ft. I got it for $50 when we lived in Massachussetts in 1973 and is solid mahogany. The little label on it calls it a ‘library bureau’. It is great to have a big surface so I can get all the current tech stuff on it – plus radio and still have room for bits and pieces. Plus it has two pull-out boards, like cutting boards, so you get even more space. I often use one to put painting equipment on. Very useful design. I’ll have to take a photo of the setup.

Well, the nights are drawing in, as they used to say; it is getting cooler now and time to turn to being inside for the next 6 months or so. I am not a winter sports person at all – just go out for the necessities. A good time to paint and read and play the piano. Which reminds me, I need to go and do some practicing.

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