Posted by: lmcg1 | May 18, 2011

Ready for planting weekend

The 24th of May weekend is the traditional beginning of planting the garden in this part of the country. The weather is looking good, and it has been warm for several days now. We have had snow at this time of year, but I think that won’t happen this year. However, one never knows on the prairies.

I went to one of the garden centres today to get some annuals for planting on the weekend. I love the riot of colour in the greenhouses. In fact, I went a couple of weeks ago just to see some colour. The spring flowers are coming out in the garden and with the warm days, the tulips are out as well as quite a few other spring flowers. Lots of the perennials are coming up nicely too. No great losses like last year, thank goodness.

These are some of the annuals – love the saturated colours. My garden has a variety of ‘zones’ from hot and dry, to shady and a bit damp, so after lots of years of experimentation, I’ve found what grows in most of the areas. I have lots of perennials, but love the colour and showiness of annuals, so I put quite a few around the garden too.

Here is euphorbia with some grape hyacinth. The euphorbia has a great chrome yellow early and looks great with the purple of the hyacinth. The winter was ideal for the perennials, they came through well, and are growing vigourously. I had a few plants that had been really damaged the winter before, and even though they came back a bit, they were really weak, so I replaced them with some new ones. So I will look forward to new Morden blush roses. Surprisingly, the three tea roses I planted last year have come back, two very well, and I am keeping an eye on the third one to see if it is worth keeping. I did nothing to them, but the fall cooling was ideal and with good snow cover and a slow melt, they survived. Even a lavender survived.

So the beds are ready to go, seeds will go in, plants will start to go in after a few days of acclimatizing outside, succulents to put in pots. Lots of work and well worth the result. Just hope for no frost or snow!

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