Posted by: lmcg1 | June 10, 2011

Summer cold

Late spring has turned out pretty well here after a slow start. Now, we have had some mild weather, enough rain, and lots of growing going on. Last fall I had planted some giant allium bulbs. I love them! I’ll have to get some more this fall. This is about the size of a softball.

Summer cold sound like an oxymoron, but the summer cold is what I caught the other day, probably from some one at the piano recital, who passed it to George, who passed it to me. I haven’t had one in years, so it has been a reminder of how awful they make one feel. However, it has been useful just to have to sit back and do nothing much for a few days.

I had planned to do a drawing a day for June, but am 3 behind now. About all I managed to do today was to water the flower beds, and then the energy was done. I hope this weekend I can do some catching up as there is nothing planned. And I’ll still have to take it easy, being prone to getting bronchitis, so it is a good reason to just take it easy. Just have to park on the deck with pencil and paper and draw. I might just have enough energy to manage that!

There is a new magazine/web site to do with painting outdoors – plein air. That is something I’ve been wanting to do, but haven’t felt confident enough to try it. The reason for the drawing challenge was to get more comfortable with drawing quickly. This magazine, called Plein Air is really interesting, and it’s web site, Outdoor Painter (you can preview the magazine here) has good stuff on it as well. The interesting thing about this magazine is that you can get either, or both, a print and a digital copy. I opted to get both to try it out. I still like the paper copy because I don’t have a portable type of computer so I could read the digital copy anywhere other that on my iMac. But the digital copy on iMac is gorgeous, plus it has extra features. If I ever get an iPad or something then I might reconsider, but for now, I like both versions.

Well, time for a cup of tea. It looks like it will be a nice evening for some garden photos – clear and sunny and not too much wind.



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