Posted by: lmcg1 | June 23, 2011

How lucky we are

We certainly seem to have been lucky this spring and now into the beginning of summer. Even though we have had over 6 inches of rain this month, we are pretty well unscathed here. There are some individuals who have had water in their basements, but fewer that in the past, and we haven’t had any washed out roads or bridges. We do have an outside watering restriction because the water purifiers have become silted up with the high river levels bringing so much sand. But other than for a few days, when we were asked to reduce indoor water usage, this is not a hardship because we have had lots of rain for the gardens.

In fact, out front, the garden looks more like BC than Sask. The hostas are huge and it is not even the end of June. We are lucky that we are on a bit of a slope, so we don’t get water accumulating anywhere. We put lots of sand across the north side of the house, which helps with drainage and even if we get a small pond, it drains away quickly and is away from the house foundation. Also, where we are, there is a small layer of topsoil and B soil, then it is pure sand about 12 – 18 inches below the surface. We are also on the east side of the river which is quite high compared to the west. There is some river flooding in the flood plain, but that is to be expected. The people in the south east of the province are not doing so well, with tons of rain over the past couple of months following on masses of snow. Our river is running very high and fast, but is controlled by a dam further upstream. We are getting Alberta’s rain runoff. We are all interconnected!

Today is hot and sunny, so that will help to dry things up; there are some thunderstorm warnings out though. When there is this much moisture around, then heat, then boom!

House projects are on the agenda at the moment. Picking out new countertop colours has been a challenge, but I think I may have found something I can live with. The old one was wrecked by a leaking tap so has to be replaced. Also front door decisions to make – what kind of window. Summer is always a bit of a whirlwind getting things done. This summer I don’t have any art shows coming up, so I can focus on getting the house things done. I am getting someone to paint the fence – that is a job I did last summer and decided I didn’t want to repeat that. Lattice work is really aggravating to paint/stain. Again, we are lucky that we only have small fixes to do, not a whole basement or house.

Into summer mode now, enjoying the warm days when they come, getting out into the garden, doing some sketching, working on this and that, going visiting, sitting on the deck. Good stuff!


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