Posted by: lmcg1 | July 14, 2011

A short break at the coast

We just came back from an extended weekend visit to the coast, to see Ariane, and to meet Bruno. It was a lovely time getting to know Bruno, spending time with the both of them, eating lots of good things, and generally hanging out in my favourite place. One evening we went up to Queen Elizabeth Park, one of those little gems in the city, and it was quite clear. This photo of the Lions came out well, with a bit of downtown poking through the trees. The tall building is the Shangri-La. We even got to Granville Island so I could have my little bit of ocean and ozone. Coconut gelato made it perfect.

We went to the East Van Market on Saturday and got to meet Jean-Pierre, the man who makes all these wonderfully flavoured salts, plus very, emphasize very, lovely balsamic vinegars. I brought home blackberry salt, and a bottle each of fig and white peach balsamic vinegar. His business is called Maison Coté. He is great fun to talk to and gives you good ideas on what to make.

It was pleasant, no mosquitoes, and a needed break. As mentioned in previous posts, this will be the summer of small house tasks, so we decided that this was the time to go. Coming back to heat, humidity, mosquitoes, thunderstorms etc was a shift. But we have had huge numbers of the big blue dragonflies and they have done a good job reducing the nasty biters. It has been too wet to get into the garden, but the heat is supposed to increase the next few days, so mornings will be the time to get some trimming done.

I don’t think I have ever seen the garden this dense; all the water from last winter’s snow and this spring have made everything gigantic. Lots less weeding! I hope that we get some mild, bug-less weather as I’d like to get out and do a painting or two of the garden. I just might have to sit on the porch though, behind the screening if the mosquitoes stay at their current intensity. West Nile virus is always a risk as this is the time the mosquitoes that carry it start to turn up. I’ll just have to see what I can manage. I need to get back to drawing as well now that things are mostly organized. Now, if I could just find a live-in cook!

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