Posted by: lmcg1 | September 13, 2011

From 30 to 0

Well, here it is, nearly the middle of September already. We had a real summer in the end, and up until Sunday, lots of warmth and sunshine. August was a great month weather wise. We actually just had a week of above 30C, and now we have frost warnings tonight. Ends with a bang. The garden has been good, lots of tomatoes and cucumbers for a change, after two non-summer years.

Almost all of the list of house projects are complete too. Just a couple of finishing things to do. The doors are great, and I just got those painted. I love the counter tops; they really give a new look to the kitchen.  The fence got painted, so that I didn’t have to struggle painting the lattice work. I have painted the upstairs hallway, finally. It has been the same for decades, literally, and I couldn’t face another winter of the dingy paint. I still have a bit of the trim to do, but will finish this week when it warms up a bit more again and can have the windows open to air it out. The deck is fixed, just waiting for the carpeting this weekend likely.

Art wise, not much happened. I found it hard to concentrate with all the comings and goings etc. That is okay though. In another week or so I start with the new art group, the Artists’ Workshop. It is one of the oldest groups in the city. It doesn’t have a website, yet. That is something that I will offer to do for the group. I am missing the Prairie River Group as I won’t be painting with them any more. Changes, changes, it has certainly been a year for that.

I have done quite a bit of photographing in the garden over the summer. Now with fall here, I need to get out and get some fall colours and maybe some landscape ideas. I haven’t really done much in the way of prairie landscape; it just hasn’t caught me. Some of the skies can be pretty dramatic though, so that might be something to consider.

This week is really the beginning of fall, and I really hope to get back to painting. Our Escape Artists group is planning a fall show again, and everyone will be here in December for it (details to come). So a deadline really helps focus the mind.

Well, I had better check out the frames I was thinking about ordering. Two months go by quickly.


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