Posted by: lmcg1 | November 25, 2011

Lots has been going on

I knew that this autumn was speeding by, but didn’t realize quite how fast until I saw how long it has been since posting here. Good grief! Well, a lot has been going on for sure.

Of course, summer is long past, and we have had our first substantial snowfall. It still hasn’t been excessively cold, which is just fine by me, but the roads are a hazard with all the ice. Almost to December now.

In early October, I went for 5 days out to Vancouver for the watercolour painting workshop with Alvaro Castagnet. There are not many paintings from the workshop, as Alvaro can’t allow photos of the actual instruction because of videos he does (I got the one he did of painting in Paris – excellent). I did take lots of photos though and you can see them here. I hope I can turn some of them into paintings over the winter. I stayed at the Granville Island Hotel which was a great location, quiet, and so great to be right by the market and everything else. Alvaro paints in watercolours, on location, so that is what we did. Painting in downtown Vancouver and around the Granville Island area. You can read more about the workshop on the Redberry Art blog.

Then I came back and a immediately came down with the cold that several of us caught from one of the workshop participants. It took about a month to finally get over all of it. I also took a 2 weekend workshop here with Miranda Jones, using mixed media. Here are some photos of the workshop. Again lots of fun playing with all the colours and blocks and stuff.

All but one of the house jobs were finished, finally. So that is done. I have been doing some painting, much of it practicing from the Vancouver workshop. I still have lots more to do. It is much harder than it looks!

This past weekend, I had some small pieces in the ‘Little Gems’ workshop. I decided at the last minute to participate in that – first time I’ve put anything in. I was very happy to sell one of the paintings. Now, suddenly, it is only two weeks until our Escape Artists’ show.

Our third annual “Art by the Hearth” show is 2 weekends from now. Where did the time go? It will be on Dec 10 and 11 this year, again at our place.

And it is exactly one month today to Christmas. I started baking yesterday because the modem was down for two days, and I decided I’d put my time to getting some baking done ahead of times. I probably should have been painting, but baking seemed more of a priority. I like the smell of Christmas cakes baking.

This weekend is busy again, so much so, that I actually backed out of the piano recital for the first time since I started taking lessons. I wasn’t really ready with the piece I had intended to play (a Beethoven piece I struggled with), and I have 2 things to go to tomorrow, plus there are 4, yes 4 art and craft events to try and catch. So, tonight, just put finishing touches to the cards I made for the painting group lunch, then take it easy.

Hopefully, I won’t take so long to post again. Well, I will want to put up information about the upcoming art show, so I will be back!

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