Posted by: lmcg1 | April 8, 2012

Lots going on

Now that we are emerging out of winter, waiting for spring to begin in earnest, it always seems that we, or at least, I am like the groundhog, waking up to get going. I do keep busy all winter for sure, but it is an interior busyness. Not being a fan of the cold, I don’t participate in outdoor activities over the winter, just head from house to car to destination and then back again. I do walk occasionally outside in the winter, but when conditions are tolerable, i.e. no wind.

Spring has arrived on the calendar, the snow has now all melted away (although there is always the possibility of getting a spring snowfall or two yet), and little bits of green are starting to appear. The odd mild day has made the trees start to bud, but it will be a while yet before there is any significant growth. There have been lots of butterflies though, which has been fun, and birds are back early after the milder than usual winter. Poor things will be a little chilly right now though. The little primrose is just emerging today. This is one of those Safeway primroses – they are amazingly durable. It bloomed into October, and there it is, back again.

The past few weeks have been taken up with getting ready for the annual spring art show, this year with the group I joined in the fall. I am nearly ready for it, ahead of time, which has been great. You can see the new paintings on my art blog and ‘New Works’ pages for Redberry Art.

Once that is done, gardening will be underway, with general clean up first. Planting doesn’t take place here until late May. We can get seeds put in a bit earlier, but if it is cold, even that might have to wait. So initially it is getting everything ready to go for the madness of May.

Then in June (8th and 9th) to be exact, there is going to be a new art undertaking. Five art groups in the city are going to hold an urban studio tour called Art Trek. If you are on Facebook, you can see the Art Trek page, and ‘like’ it to see what is happening. Over 40 artists will be involved. We will be actively working in our studio spaces around town. Our Artists’ Workshop group will be at the Grace Westminster Auditorium where we work together every Monday during the winter. This is a first time for this kind of art event, so we are looking forward to it very much. If it is successful, it will probably expand to include a few other groups too.

Another thing to report is that I have had one of my photos of sundogs printed in a story in an Israeli magazine called Masa Acher,which is a travel magazine. They has seen the photos on flickr and asked permission to use it. Although you can’t see the page in the magazine, it ended up being a 2 page spread! I thought it might be a small picture as part of the article. They sent me a copy of the pages. That is one of several photos I have given permission to use. I have one from Steveston on schmap too.

Then, in May, my garden is going to be featured in Gardens West magazine. I had totally forgotten about it. About a month ago I got a call from the magazine saying that the article would be going in the May issue. Three years ago, a local free lance writer asked to do an item about the garden, took photos etc. Then nothing happened, so I just thought it wasn’t accepted. So it was a surprise for sure to get the call after all that time. I am looking forward to seeing it. Gardens are always in flux, and it now is somewhat different from then. I have put in new plantings on the gardens along the fences, new roses, and the fence on the east side has been rebuilt after the fiasco of the construction next door.

So for the next few months, I’ll be here, getting into gardening mode, hoping to get out and do some plein air painting, practicing watercolour painting a la Alvaro Castagnet, and just enjoying milder weather and longer days.

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