Posted by: lmcg1 | May 30, 2012

Planting done, Art Trek next

The front garden

As I stood out in the garden yesterday afternoon, I thought, “The planting is done!” It seems very early compared to the past few years. With the mild winter, and cool spring I got all the clearing up done early, stuff started to grow, and everything got done. That is very gratifying. Now it is just maintenance. So that will leave time to get ready for Art Trek, which is happening in just over a week. The deck is usable too. We are going to get the outdoor carpeting replaced, so that will mean clearing everything out but that will be a little later. We are getting some indoor carpeting replaced and thank goodness they are doing it the day before Art Trek, not the Friday like originally scheduled.

I gessoed and ground coloured three canvases on the weekend, so now I plan to get at least one, possibly two, underpaintings done so that I can work on the pieces during the Art Trek event. I think I will do at least one floral, a big one again. I have a beautiful Morden Sunrise rose, new this year, that has gorgeous blooms. That is a good possibility. I might also look at doing a tree as well. I have to look at my reference materials to see what I have. Painting indoors has that limitation.

There is getting to be quite a bit of buzz about Art Trek. With everyone working away at it, the word is getting out. We are going to go and poster downtown tomorrow morning. That should be fun! We have information in every place we could possibly think of. It will be interesting to see how it goes. There are already two other groups who want to participate next year! So this could become an annual event.

So if you are a Saskatonian who reads this blog, be sure to come out and see all the sites and sights! See you there!

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