Posted by: lmcg1 | July 21, 2012

Every time you turn around, there goes another!

Another milestone birthday just passed. Every time you turn around, there goes another!

This is one of the cards I received from some friends.

As soon as I saw it, I was reminded of a photo of my mother, taken when she was 19 in 1936. So they must be of a similar vintage.

When I showed it to George, he said they reminded him of one of me many years back, which I managed to dig out (1976). From the days when I straightened my hair.

Now I need to get one of Ariane. I love black and whites. They really keep their detail, not like colour photos. Looking through old albums, lots are fading and going orange. George took one of me yesterday, so I cropped and turned to black and white. Not moody like the others. Maybe that is just the angst of that part of one’s life. No time for angst anymore! Or hair straightening!

I had a nice sushi dinner last night. We had made a reservation at one of the original Japanese restaurants in town that we have always gone to for years. When we got there, it had been transformed into a new Asian restaurant. Well! That would not do. So we headed over to Broadway and went to Sushiro. We had never been there, but had heard it was good. It turned out to be a trendy sort of place, leaning towards fusion type food. It was also quite noisy, being small with tables close together. In spite of that, the food was very good and tasty. It was just right for us. So that was pleasant. Then we came home, had tea and a Crave cupcake (I had two, it was my birthday after all and they were the mini ones). They are very good. I think I might have to do a mini painting of one (or two).

Earlier, when Ariane and Bruno were here, I got some early presents from them. First, some books with a Parisian theme – I think they were hinting at something. Then a lovely pair of Papillios, which I would never have tried, and which I am now wearing constantly, they are so comfortable! I also got lovely roses, and cards and greetings from many friends and family. So it was an all around good time.

Now I will have to start spending all that free government money they will be sending me!

Thanks to everyone who made my day a great one.


  1. “First, some books with a Parisian theme – I think they were hinting at something”

    Hmm, perhaps we were 😉

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday! My mom’s is today. Also got some other big family news today, which I’ll tell you about when we Skype next. Looking forward to seeing you guys in SF and/or September.


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