Posted by: lmcg1 | July 26, 2012

Midsummer moments

Today I was out in the garden, doing some deadheading and just checking out what is blooming and what needs trimming. Then it struck me. Today felt like it was that day when summer shifts and starts heading to fall. I remembered that I had noticed this before, so I looked it up and yes, there in 2010, I had noted it and it was 2 days different. Today is the 26th and the previous post was the 28th of July. In 2009, it was August 12th. Is there a reason why it seems to be getting earlier each year? I’ll have to see when winter begins in earnest. Hopefully it means we will have a long autumn, not an early winter!

My big red day lily is really great this year. Last year it didn’t bloom at all after the very wet spring. I thought it might not survive, but both plants came back this year. One plant has 8 stems and each stem has at least 15(!) buds, and the other has 5 stems. So I may get 150  or more blooms this year if every bud produces a flower. They are the largest lily flower of any I have. Just love the dark red colour. So I should be able to enjoy them for a couple of weeks or more with that many buds.



I have one more lily that is just starting to bloom, again after almost nothing last year. It is larger than usual with many buds on three stems.


It has been an excellent year for lilies so far. My old fashioned yellow ones that bloom mid-june also had hundreds of blossoms and put on quite the show. I have about 8 big clumps of them so they were bright spots all over the yard. Plus they are scented, being an old cultivar.



The University centennial lilies have done really well too (above). I started out with 3 bulbs and they have now multiplied to about 20 or more. So a good lily year. And good for roses too. Actually, a good year for the flower garden all around.

Last week I had the people from the Artists Workshop painting group over to sketch and paint in the garden. After having to postpone one day because of rain, we were able to get a good sunny day. It did start out with a bang – a big thunderclap at 7 am woke me with a start. But by 8 am the skies cleared and it was a lovely day. Then that evening all of the Escape Artists got together out at Susan’s place and had a lovely evening sitting outside and catching up on all the news. Almost no mosquitoes. Astounding considering the amount of rain and standing water in the fields.

I hope to get some painting underway again. Will post about that shortly. I got a new easel so will get some photos of it. It is for painting outdoors, particularly for watercolours as it has a tilt function. And very light. Are you intrigued? It took me ages to find it. Watch this space……


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