Posted by: lmcg1 | August 31, 2012

It’s a jungle out there


After lots of spring rains, and then lots of August heat alternating with rain, the garden has really overgrown. Everything is much taller than usual, so it makes for lots of colour. I rather like it, and because it is only for a few weeks, I am enjoying it. It keeps the weeds to a minimum too! Although not the gross slugs. They are back. Grumble. I’ll deal with them next month big time…..

In the meantime, this summer has been one for the biggest variety of butterflies I have ever seen here. It seems like almost every day there was something new. I even saw new caterpillar varieties too, so hopefully that will mean they return again next year.

August is such a slow month in some terms, and then again it seems to speed by. I think that I have to just go with the flow and not fret about ‘accomplishing’ things. Without having any particular focus for the summer, other than one visit from family, it has been a rather aimless time. Other than the regularity of the exercise classes, it has been very low key. I think I am ready for September to begin!

We will have a few days in Vancouver, to meet Bruno’s parents, which I am really looking forward to. We hope to do at least one garden tour. We will be staying near English Bay and I am also looking forward to morning seawall walks. The camera will be close by. I have been wondering if I should take a small sketch book too. I often do take one, then never really use it. But maybe a small one would be easier. Some sea air!

I was thinking the other day that is is almost a year since I was out there for the Alvaro Castagnet workshop. I must admit to having done very little in the way of watercolour painting, but I got myself a new easel specific for watercolour and will be trying it out soon. I hope to come back with some good reference materials. I need some new inspiration I think. Clear the end of summer cobwebs out of the brain.

A few little outdoor jobs left to do, but all the big stuff is finally done – doors, steps carpeted, deck finished. Just a little touch up painting here and there which I hope to do tomorrow. Then just enjoy each day as it comes, and maybe get one small painting finished that I started earlier. This is it in progress. I really do like painting glass and silver/metal things. I had found some more old glass bottles that belonged to my mother. They had been tucked away in the closet, so found them when the closet carpeting was done. There are a couple of nicely shaped ones with silver lids that I think I will find use for. So off to enjoy a sunny and warm last day of August.



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