Posted by: lmcg1 | November 11, 2012


I am very short-sighted, as in, I can only see a few inches away without glasses. (The other short-sighted is a topic for another day.) This morning, I happened to look at myself in the mirror without my glasses. Of course, I don’t usually because all I see is a blur, something like this. In that blur I caught a glimpse of what I used to look like, many years ago. It was a little startling. Inside one’s own mind, or at least mine, it seems much the same up there.

The exterior undergoes that slow shift – gravity, greyness, time, lines. I can see why older television personalities like to use that screen that blurs the edges. It holds the appearance of years ago. But it isn’t real. I guess that is why we relate our later years to the winter season, when the snow blurs the edges.

We are getting winter early this year, I guess to make up for almost having none last year. It has been snowing for more than 24 hours now. This morning when the wind was still, I took this photo of the railing. It looks like a face, blurred on the edges.


Time starts to blur a bit too. I read an item in the Globe and Mail that as we get older, we are prone to ‘foreward telescoping’ apparently. A new book about time perception by Claudia Hammond talks about how we lose track of how long ago things happened when we get older. There is a short quiz at the end. I only got a couple right on, the others were a few years off. In the last while I have been reflecting back on my life and it is getting blurry for sure. I have been thinking it might be interesting to sit down and write, with pen and paper no less, what I remember. It would also be interesting if I could get my siblings to do it too. Our remembrances are such personal and skewed things.

Today is a day of remembrance as well. I always stop and take time to think about the men in the family who were in the two World Wars – my paternal grandfather, my Dad and his brother, who all survived, and my Mum’s brother, who was killed at 22. I know very little about their experiences; they didn’t talk about it other than some stories about the times they had when they were not in the actual war front, but in training, or waiting to be sent out. I am sure that their experiences coloured the rest of their lives, but in what way? It will always be a mystery because they are all gone now. A wistful day, as usual.


As an aside, it has been some time since the last posting. In the interim, the hard drive of my computer died. Fortunately I didn’t lose too much as I had backed up most files a couple of weeks earlier. I did lose some email addresses but have got most of them back. I had quite a few photos still on my camera so didn’t really lose anything there either. I got a new drive put in, with more RAM (4x as much as before, so much faster). Then upgrading/reinstalling etc. so it was a couple of weeks before really back up to speed after the replacement. I realized just how much I use this thing! Now I have a permanent external backup drive that updates daily. I will still back up on my other smaller drive as a secondary from time to time. I am also considering putting more on the ‘cloud’. I just came across an art cloud storage site that I plan to look at more closely. Although I probably really don’t need it. I can just put files on google docs, or whatever it is called now.

Well, off to shovel a bit more snow and make a path for the dog.




  1. I enjoyed reading this and I love your images. Thanks.

    • Hello Felicity,
      Thank you so much for your kind comments. I was surprised and pleased to receive them. I have recently ordered your book and am looking forward to it being delivered shortly. With winter settling in here, reading is a favourite activity. I enjoy your blog very much. Having Irish roots, I hope to visit someday, so your stories and photos are a great incentive to keep planning! Lorraine

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