Posted by: lmcg1 | December 4, 2012

December, already

We are well into a classic prairie winter this year. Already there is a lot of snow and it has been colder than average as well. Here is a look out my window to the back yard right now. Out front we have a big pile of snow already. Snow management, is that a skill?

back yard 2012



Here we are into December; November always seems to speed by. This Christmas my lovely daughter and her lovely partner will be coming here for a visit. I am looking forward to spending time with them. They came last year, Bruno’s first winter in Canada. He had hoped to experience the ‘real Canadian winter’, only it didn’t materialize. We had balmy (for us) temperatures and essentially no snow then. I think I only wore my parka twice. It was rather bizarre.  So this year we will be able to provide him with the proper experience for sure! I am wondering about renting snow shoes.

December really is the time for traditions isn’t it? I have baked my Christmas cakes so they will be nice and mellow. Cookies and other goodies will be done closer to the date, otherwise I will simply eat them all and have to do it over again. I have learned from previous experience. I use lots of family recipes, and have learned how to modify them for various dietary requirements. It is interesting how one can make old recipes in new ways and have them turn out quite acceptable.

Our Field House Ladies group will have our annual lunch together next week. This is a group of about 10-11 women who meet regularly, usually three times a week, at our local civic facility for fitness classes. The first of members of the group began there in 1979. I started in about March of 1981. I went to exercise after Ariane was born. I was doing my own thing and noticed a group of women exercising and running with a group. They invited me to join and we have all been getting together on and off since. For many years we jogged, indoors in the winter, and outdoors the rest of the year. Then we got older, and we walked and did the exercise classes. Now it is mostly classes with walking in the summer. I worked on and off over that time, but always went back. A few new women have joined in, a couple left, two have passed away over the years. We go to lunch at the University Club (formerly the Faculty Club) and our aim is to make sure we get some of their traditional Christmas pudding with sauce. The rest of the lunch is excellent too, but the pudding is why we really go.

Our Artists Workshop group will get together as well, and although I am new to the group, they have been doing this for 23 years. We get together and have appetizers and desserts and wine. And we make cards for each other, which is great fun. Here are the ones I have done for this year. I was experimenting with paper cutting for a mixed media piece I started and thought I’d use it for the cards.



Now I just need to find a source of real Japanese oranges. I am hoping the Co-op will get them soon. As far back as I can remember, ‘Christmas oranges’ were from Japan. We always had one in the toe of our Christmas stocking. Then, they came in these great little wooden crates. Here is a fun bit of information I found out about them. We lived near Vancouver so got them right away. They have been coming to Canada since the 1880s – that is a long time! Although I had a search about, I couldn’t find any photos of the crates. These were saved and used for all kinds of things. I had a ‘dressing table’ made by stacking a couple of boxes on each side, topping with a board, and sewing a cotton skirt around it. They were made into all kinds of things.

This weekend, a couple more arts and crafts shows to take in as well. We are so fortunate here in our city to have such a talented and diverse group of people. It is great fun to prowl the shows to find unique things for presents, which also helps support our local artists.

So onward, December!


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