Posted by: lmcg1 | March 3, 2013

The winter of my discontent?

IMG_6248IMG_6251If I thought we had a lot of snow in December, now in March we can hardly move for it. We started getting leaks in the ceilings from 2 ice dams so had to get someone to go to the second story and the garage to take off the snow. Then a bobcat to move piles from the front. The pile in the back (top photo) took me 10 days to move by hand. Everyone is concerned about how this will all melt. In the nearly 40 years since we have been here, I don’t remember this much snow. It has been a long haul in more ways than one.

I was looking back at the previous post and couldn’t believe it was 4 months ago. I was looking forward to an enjoyable holiday. Some of it was, and some of it wasn’t. Since then I have been in the process of some serious self-reflection. That is never an easy thing to do and it will continue for a while yet. In the end it will be a good thing; in the meantime, not so much.

Meantime, life shuffles on. I was hoping for a summer without much house stuff to do, after having the past 2 taken up with various repairs. Looks like it isn’t to be. The electrician came yesterday. There is a part of the old house that needs to be redone, plus the panel redone, and better to get it done now. Some day the house will get sold and better to have the electrics up to snuff. He is the first domino in the pack. With the ice dams on the roof, that means roof inspection, maybe replacement, more vents, more insulation. Also new eaves troughs. Then ceilings have to be repaired from the leakage. So there is the list for this year. Maybe I can get some new kitchen lights if we are making a mess anyway.

I do plan to get away though. I have a pile of air miles that hasto be used by year’s end and I intend to. I have my eye on a couple of painting workshops in France. Will see what works out. Also a trip to the coast at some point too, maybe after the art show and before garden season begins. A break would be lovely on many levels.

Art wise, our annual show is coming up in about 6 weeks, and we are going to do Art Trek again. I am busy getting ready for that. Redberry Art is almost ready to go, so it should be operational soon. I have photos to take and put up as well. There goes the dryer, time to fold.

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