Posted by: lmcg1 | April 27, 2013

Finally, spring

lk apr 2013

Today, we finally had spring weather, mild air, sunshine, making the snow melt quickly now. I am pink in the face from spending a couple of hours raking snow mould off the grass, most of which is now clear of snow. Snow mould, lovely allergen that is is, is rampant this year. We set records – longest stretch of days below zero, snow sticking around, close to record amounts of snow etc. So everyone is now smiling a lot. However there has been a positive aspect to the extended cool days. The snow melt has happened gradually so flooding around here hasn’t happened, thank goodness.

snow mould

A dense patch of snow mould on the grass. Almost the entire surface of the grass is covered this year. Nasty stuff. You have to rake or sweep it off so it doesn’t kill the grass. I have never seen this much before – it is everywhere.

snow pile The last big pile of snow, taken yesterday. By this afternoon, the farther pile is nearly gone. This one will take a couple more days.

The best part is that there have been lots of butterflies dancing about. It was so pleasant today to be out in the yard, with butterfly shadows everywhere, and lots of birds around.



And there are all kinds of shoots starting to show, a little later than usual, but they are there. It looks like this might be a good year for the perennials and some other plants. Because the snow came so early, the ground didn’t likely freeze as hard or as to a great a depth as it often does. So it looks like some tender plants have overwintered. I’ll be waiting to see how the tender roses faired.

lavenderSeveral of the lavender plants have green growth on them, from under the snow of all things. So I am hopeful there will be lots of survivors. Lavender usually doesn’t overwinter here. I might get some nice big bushes of it which would be lovely.

We have managed to endure another winter. Now that I can finally get out into the garden, I am feeling much more optimistic. It has been a more difficult winter this year on a number of levels. I hope that spring brings better days all around.


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