Posted by: lmcg1 | September 24, 2013

Seasons change

And so did I? (from No Time by the Guess Who,1969; this vid from 2012, so Burton is still rockin’ it 43 years later)



I can only hope. Summer has come and gone, and now autumn has arrived with all that entails. Weather-wise it was a good summer, the garden did well. I rebuilt the garden boxes, so only had a couple of tomato plants this year. That was okay as I just went to the Farmers’ Market more often. Now it is time to start the deconstruction phase. Also getting back into the autumn routines. I keep going to the Field House all year round, but piano and Artists’ Workshop are autumn/winter activities. Piano has begun, and AW starts tomorrow; it will be good to see everyone again.

Back in the beginning of July, I finished my first drawing class with Craig. You can read and see about it over here at Redberry Art. I have now begun to work on a second Bargue. Craig is going to have an ongoing class that you can just keep taking month by month so that you can progress from the first Bargues to drawing from casts all the way to painting, so I have embarked on that. I love the meditative work of the Bargues. Time vanishes when working on them. After this one, I will do a third one, doing it without all the measuring, training my eye to see the proportions and shadows. I was at the University not long ago and went into the Museum of Antiquities. It is one of those treasures on campus most people don’t know about. They have beautiful original and reproduction pieces of classical statuary and they are very well lit for determining shadows. I am going to see if one is permitted to draw there as it will be a great resource for practicing cast drawing. I can imagine sitting in that quiet space during the winter.

As an aside, keeping in the autumn vein, here is a video of the Equinox illumination at sunrise in Cairn T at Loughcrew, Ireland. That also led me to the website Knowth, which hosts this video. It shows Irish burial mounds, labyrinths and art. Beautiful. I don’t have a bucket list per se, but Ireland is somewhere I want to go. It would be fascinating to see this phenomenon that has been occurring for about 5300 years. Humbling.

I saw a quote from Nelson Mandela – ‘May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.’ This really struck a chord with me today, as I have been reflecting most of the summer on choices I have made over the years. Looking at them in light of this statement, it is revealing how many were likely made from fear, not from hope. More to think about.

There is much that I like about this time of year, new beginnings, the light, the clear skies, birds migrating. If only it didn’t have to be followed by winter! At least the long winters here on the prairies. I am hoping that maybe come the new year, when a certain someone is finally retired, we can do the snow bird thing and fly this coop for a couple of the worst months. I understand the attractiveness of that now that I am a senora.

Oh, there is a woodpecker in the back yard. Lots of flickers around too. Oh, and now a blue jay at the water dish! Well, back to finishing making juice from the sour cherries. I’ll make jelly later when it is cold out. Must go out and see if I can get any pictures.




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