Posted by: lmcg1 | November 9, 2013

My uncle’s easel

Not too long ago, I received a note from one of my cousins. My aunt has sold her house, and was moving to her new place. She has asked my cousin to pass on to me, that if I would like it, I could have my uncle’s easel. Needless to say, I was really touched by this. Of course I said yes, then spent some time on the phone arranging to have it picked up, packed up, and shipped from the coast to the prairies. It arrived and it is now in my little studio. Here it is – it fits! It spent many years looking out a window that had a view of Vancouver. It will be a big adjustment to having a much smaller view, and of months of snow.


My uncle was George Bates, a well-known painter in Vancouver. I wrote about him here when he died, almost exactly four years ago. George was really instrumental in encouraging me to begin painting, so it is so lovely to have his easel.


This is a close up of the crank that winds the shelf up and down to adjust for standing, sitting, and canvas size. I love all the paint all over it and the shelf. It is such a tangible connection to all the years George painted.

My cousin’s son has put a large number of George’s paintings. I love looking through them as it reminds me of when I would visit and we would talk about his paintings that he was working on. I am looking forward to painting on it this winter. It is so nice to have a proper easel, particularly for working on larger pieces. My small field easel was pretty precarious for such work. Thank you to my aunt and cousins for giving this to me.


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